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 Forum Rules and Guide-lines

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PostSubject: Forum Rules and Guide-lines   Tue Aug 05, 2008 7:54 am

First of all, welcome to Eternal Darkness forum.
Here is a list of some simple rules, which can make this forum more enjoyable. Please take the time to read them:

-Don't disrespect other members. This doesn't include the part where 80% of our guildies call names to each other in jokes. But it's really easy to distinguish jokes and play from pure disrespect, so don't choose the second option.

-Don't caps lock all the time. It exhausts our eyes, and noone will pay more attention to what you write just because it's written bigger.

-Spam control, There is a part of this forum which is named "Off-Topic" and other named as "Just for Laughs". This is the closest thing we have to "spam wing". Get crazy and turn "spammer-mode" on there, and not outside of it.

-English language, We all understand that all the members of the guild can't have the same knowledge of english language between each other. We do ask you though, to use the best english you know, even if your better english has some mistakes. We don't and won't make you have english classes just to post on this forum. We just ask you to express yourself the best way you can, so your opinions are readable and enjoyable. If you have grammar mistakes, we are tolerant ( I hope ^^ ).

-Acting Superior, My personal experience of seeing forums makes me stress this small detail: don't act like you are superior to someone. I can even tell you my experience, so you can see how annoying it is: Once upon a time, I was seeing a forum. The topic I was seeing was about a serious matter (by serious I mean, not something you could joke about, but nothing dangerous). Suddenly, I see a comment much like this: "u R Wr0nG!!!11!1!! I Kn0 mucH m0r3 th4n U bouT th1s ANd I kn0 U r OmG wr0ng". As you can notice, he didn't even talk about the matter itself, he just wanted to say that someone else was wrong (not even talking about the " I am leet" language). I beg you not to be like this.

-Be Active, There is also, not a rule, but more of a thing that we ask you to do. Please take an active part on this forum and contribute to its wellfare. Don't be afraid to ask a question if you have a doubt. Also don't be afraid to point out what you feel that should be changed in this forum.
More opinions = more good changes = happy forum = happy members.

I should also stress the fact that, being the forum as new as it is, this "Rules" part is not definitive. With time there will come more situations that will bring the need to add some other rules, therefore this will be a topic subjected to a constant update.

Now, after all this time telling you what NOT to do, it is time to rest and say to you:
Have Fun in Eternal Darkness!
See you in game.

Ol'McTag* Tagulas
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Forum Rules and Guide-lines
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