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 In-Game Rules and Guild-lines

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PostSubject: In-Game Rules and Guild-lines   Tue Aug 05, 2008 8:13 am

We found the need to add some rules and respective punishments regarding selfishness in the guild:
- People who ninja an item that they don’t need from someone who needs, or people which have a selfish disrespectful attitude towards other guildie, will be punished.
But before I explain the punishment, I’ll give you 2 definitions, so you know exactly what you cannot do.

Ninja- Rolling “Need” on an item you don’t need, especially when someone else needs it and in case of a guild raid, if someone has already asked for it, and everyone except you agreed in that person getting the item (I don’t want to believe that there are there people that would agree with someone getting an item and then getting it, backstabbing them).
In case you are an enchanter, you can roll “Greed” in everything you want. You will have a chance to get the item, if nobody rolled “Need”. If you ninja something somebody else needs, and then justify with an “It’s for disenchant“, you will fall in the first group I said, and will be punished accordingly.

Disrespectful Selfish Behaviour- Easy. It includes:
- You need an item. Other person needs the same item. You both roll. You lose. You cry. You call him ninja. You say he/she sucks. You cry again. You are being a kid. You are being selfish. You are disrespecting other guildie. Got it?
- Demanding items instead of asking if anyone else needs it.
- Demanding instances/raids instead of asking for them.
- Saying and assuming you need some item more than other person.

People which break these rules will, in a first measure, be told to farm for 1 primals of each element (excepting might and nether), and afterwards depositing them in guild bank, so they can learn a little bit more about the giving/receiving ratio this guild’s mentality has. If this happens to you, and you don’t play WoW for time enough to know where you can farm for them,, search for [Mote of Water], [Mote of Mana], [Mote of Earth], [Mote of Life], [Mote of Fire], [Mote of Shadow], [Mote of Air] and farm 10 of each. 10 Motes = 1 Primal.
If one refuses to follow that measure, a random number of officers (3 minimum) will unite and discuss a second measure, which can go from a demote to a guild kick, depending on the situation.

If you feel you cannot cope with this, or if you don’t agree, you are free to enter your character, open your chat box, and write “/g leave”.

-Be Active, There is also, not a rule, but more of a thing that we ask you to do. Please take an active part in guild chat channel and contribute to its wellfare. Don't be afraid to ask a question if you have a doubt. Also don't be afraid to point out what you feel that should be changed in the guild.
More opinions = more good changes = happy guild = happy members.

I should also stress the "Rules" part is not definitive. With time there will come more situations that will bring the need to add some other rules, therefore this will be a topic subjected to a constant update.

Now, after all this time telling you what NOT to do, it is time to rest and say to you:
Have Fun in Eternal Darkness!
See you in game.
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In-Game Rules and Guild-lines
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